because i'm with you till the end of the line.

"So in my mind I thought this was gonna be like, my ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ moment. And like, confetti was gonna come out and everyone’s like, going to scream and sort of like, 'We're gonna sell things!'. So I really went for it and there was just… silence. Like, nothing really happened.

Anonymous said:
LOL omg speaking of Thomas, I had a dream about him about 2 months ago. We were apparently friends (yes, wtf...) because in the dream, he came to help me move into my new apartment and put up a shelf for me. We were all chummy and friendly. I woke up being really sad and dejected like "weeelll.... that ain't ever gonna happen" so, i def know what you mean. -_-

oh my gods. obligatory cute chris for our hurt feelings caused by our own brains

Anonymous said:
Yoooo that's not weird at all :P Once I had a dream about seeing Ashton Kutcher (who I don't even LIKE that much) on the subway and he was smiling and talking to me. After I woke up, I had a giant grin on my stupid face for the rest of the day. LOL -_-

ahahha i had a dream with thomas but it was just me standing behind in a queue and smelling him…. but having a dream is a one but come on, it felt like we were friends and we are not. i didn’t need anything like that which would show me something i will never have

Anonymous said:
Yeaaaah i have stupid errands to run and then calls to make. The fun times of being an adult. BUT i'm hoping to go see TWS after I'm done dealing with the crap. :D So it could be my light at the end of the tunnel. -_- For now, i'm sipping my breakfast tea and watching House. How's your day? :)

awww so it’s not going be so bad after all :P i mean the bouncing boobs

my day’s ok, i guess. it was weird at first after i woke up but now it’s good haha. i’m preparing myself for tomorrow because the house will be full of people again but at least there will be food as well haaa.